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Customer & Vendor Documents

Printing documents to mail to your customers and vendors is a costly event. You pay for the forms, and then pay someone to print, sort, and place the forms in an envelope. You pay for postage and maybe even someone to file a copy of the document in a customer folder. If all of this was done electronically, how much would you save every year?

Find out how much you could save by e-mailing or faxing your documents.

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Journal Filing

Do you print your journals, file them away, and then haul them to a storage room to save them for 7 years? Are you even able to find the journal again if you need to refer to it? This practice wastes valuable space in your office. And, it costs you a great deal in time and money.

Discover how much you could save by letting the system automatically save your journals to file.

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Sales Reporting

Designing sales reports can be a daunting task. You may spend hours getting just the right information to print on the report, and then when the report finally prints, the information is in a format that is difficult to decipher. If you could use a “point-and-click” method to design reports and quickly filter out the information you don’t need, you could save yourself hours of work. And, you could instantly view a report that was meaningful and relevant to your needs.

Learn how much you could save by using intuitive report design techniques.

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Inventory Replenishment

The #1 reason for distributor failure is TOO MUCH INVENTORY. Is your warehouse bursting at the seams? Are you stocking the right mix of products? Would you like to reduce your inventory and still provide a high level of customer service? Carrying costs (such as the need for increased warehouse space, insurance, material handling, and cost of money invested) can kill your bottom line.

Discover how much you can save annually in carrying costs by implementing proven inventory replenishment methodologies.

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Order Fulfillment

Your order fill process is one of the most important tasks your company performs on a daily basis. Do out-of-stock products print on your pick tickets? Are your pickers continually directed to empty shelves? Do you need to manually maintain every order with the amount shipped and freight charges?

Find out how much you can save by streamlining your order fulfillment workflow.

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