Solutions : iSTORE

The Solution

End-to-End Internet Shopping Solution

Create a totally integrated environment. The integraSoft Internet Shopping solution eliminates manual transfer of customer order information from the Internet Shopping solution to the Wholesale Distribution software. Orders automatically flow to your ordering system and warehouse departments, saving you money and reducing fulfillment time. And, with integrated shipping functionalities from UPS, FedEx, & SpeeDee, you can print shipping labels, automatically update orders with shipment tracking numbers, and provide the tracking numbers to your customers 24/7.

Unique Design Functionality

Keep your internet shopping experiences looking fresh by using the iStore Administration module. Easily maintain your category search options, Landing Page features, color scheme, Help, & Contact information. A built-in Cookie Crumb Navigation system creates a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Search Capabilities

Your customers must be able to easily find the products they are looking for. Customers can browse by a Category Tree you set up, or they can enter their desired product in a Search Box that views over 25 fields for each product to determine if a product matches the verbiage entered.

Inventory Pricing & Management

Changes in the back office are reflected real-time in iStore. Up-to-date pricing and product information is instantly available to customers.

Customer Self-Service

Your customers can view all open orders and their status 24/7. In addition, they can reprint invoices, view order balances, see the posted date of their last payment, view current open balances, track order shipments through UPS & FedEx, update shipping address information, and update credit card information.

Operational Highlights

  • Feature different groups of products on your Landing Page Marketing section.
  • Display unlimited Product Detail for each product in your inventory list.
  • Offer Up-Sell and Substitute products to your customers automatically.
  • Support multiple Units of Measure.
  • Offer customer-specific Pricing.
  • Use real-time Inventory Levels.
  • Implement secure Credit Card processing and real-time Credit Card Pre-Authorization.
  • Allow customers to save multiple Shopping Carts for future order ease.
  • Create a B2B or B2C shopping environment. In a B2C environment, potential shoppers will find your site easier with automatic Meta Tags.
  • Create as many web stores as you need with the Multiple Web Store Management system.