iPOS allows you to use the powerful tools of your distribution software with your up-front retail and counter sales operations. You no longer have to learn and manage two different software packages and separate inventory management systems.

iPOS reduces errors by utilizing bar code technology. You can eliminate the hassle of standard open orders with iPOS capabilities. Now your customers can purchase items throughout the day, make changes as they wish and process returned goods all with ease and accountability.

iPOS learns your customers’ buying patterns and allows for customer-specific pricing and discounting options. Units of measure are no longer a hassle when figuring your unit pricing, as iPOS does all the work for you. You can easily implement a unique pricing strategy for the retail and counter areas, thereby maximizing your gross profit potential.

iPOS makes tendering the sale quick and easy. Credit card and credit limit management is a breeze with iPOS.

iPOS allows you to maintain higher fill rates in your counter sale, will call and retail space with automatic inventory replenishment tools. Tracking the performance of your counter and retail operations is also handled in iPOS with detailed reporting by location, by product and by customer. Bring the power of your entire office to the front of your business using iPOS!