Solutions : iPOS

The Solution

End-to-End Point of Sale Solution

Create a totally integrated environment. The integraSoft Point of Sale solution is fully integrated with the Financial and Wholesale Distribution solutions.

Customer Service

Deliver professional personalized service to your repeat customers. At the touch of a button, determine what the customer purchased the last time they were in your store. Automatic messaging information helps you track important information about repeat customers.

Customer Phone Orders

Suspend and retrieve phone orders. A customer may call in and give you an order over the phone. You can enter the order, pull the merchandise, and put the order on hold. Then, when the customer arrives in your store, you can retrieve the order and add to or remove items from the order prior to finalizing the transaction.

Operational Highlights

  • Use the method of entry you are most comfortable with – Touch Screen, Mouse, or Keyboard Entry.
  • Reduce errors and speed up entry of the sale by using Bar Code technology.
  • Implement secure Credit Card processing.
  • Enter multiple Tender Types for each order.
  • Support multiple Units of Measure.
  • Enter Discounts by percent or dollar value.
  • Automatically update your Inventory records and Sales information with each transaction.
  • Access secure and robust Sales Reporting tools.
  • Replenish inventory and easily transfer products between locations.
  • Keep your inventory accurate by implementing Cycle Counting procedures.
  • Easily manage your prepackaged product kits and the promotional kits you put together yourself.