Educational Seminars

Exciting Training Changes in 2010!

Our ever popular Webinars are now offered with a new twist. Our Advanced Inventory Procurement training has been strengthened by the addition of Scott Stratman to our talented consulting team. This may be the year for you to tighten business processes with the help of an On-Site Consultant.

Read on to discover how you can experience valuable returns on your business application software in 2010.

Webinars With a New Twist

Personalized Training: Your classes will be scheduled on your timeline. You may include as many participants from within your organization as you wish and still pay just the single Personal Training rate per class. No other businesses will be allowed to attend your session.

Group Training: The Group Training rate applies when 2 or more companies participate in training. As with Personalized Training, as many participants as you wish from within your organization will be allowed to participate and still pay the single Group Training rate per class.

There are a few options for signing up for Group Training and applying for the Group Training discount:

Dictate the date(s) that you wish to conduct training. Indicate that you are willing to allow other companies to participate during your scheduled training time. If no other company signs up to join your scheduled time, you have the option to continue with the class at the preferred time under the Personalized Training rate or cancel the class.

Request to be joined to other companies in Group Training. When a date becomes available, you will be notified. Tech Systems will coordinate a time that works best for all parties when multiple companies register under this plan.

IntegraSoft® and iWEB Business Application Training

Course Name Total Hours Personal Rate Group Rate
Accounts Receivable 3 $300 $150
Accounts Payable 3 $300 $150
General Ledger 3 $300 $150
Order Entry 4 $400 $200
Counter Point 3 $300 $150
Purchase Orders 4 $400 $200
Warehouse Transfers 4 $400 $200
Inventory Control 3 $300 $150
Systems Administrator 2 $200 $100
Report Writer / ODBC 4 $400 $200
Statement Writer 3 $300 $150
WEB Sales Reporting & Administration 3 $300 $150
Check Reconciliation 2 $200 $100
Pro-TRAK 4 $400 $200
Payroll 4 $400 $200
Credit Card processing 2 $200 $100
Job Cost 4 $400 $200
Email and Faxing 2 $200 $100
Customized Training* $100/hour N/A

*Customized Training is available only under the Personalized Training program. Customize the curriculum to meet your needs. Specify the areas that you want to target. Our training staff will provide an estimated number of hours to complete the training and schedule to meet your time line.