About Our Company

We strive to be an integral part of our customers' success and future growth.

Providing the Personal Touch

Tech Systems, Inc. has been in the business of developing strategic application software for the distribution industry for over 30 years. We are ranked as one of the top software providers by leading industry experts. Our service after the sale is a key ingredient to our success. Every customer will attest to our personal touch from the beginning of the sales cycle through the installation process, and for years to come.

Building a Business Relationship

We pride ourselves on selecting customers that best fit with our goals for success. Different than many other software providers, we work closely with our prospects to determine if we will have a winning business relationship over the long term. We strive to be an integral part of our customers’ success and future growth.

Developing a Robust Product

Our suite of integraSoft™ products are some of the most robust on the market today. We continually look to our customers’ needs to guide us in our development process. We have a large staff of custom programmers to assist our customers with their unique business applications. Using MicroFocus and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), our suite of products allows for ease of installation and learning. Our training staff works closely with our customers to ensure their success from the moment they go live. Our products and services provide an end-to-end business solution for distributors of all sizes and in varying disciplines.

Supporting Our Customers

We support our customers with a very experienced consulting team that can discuss business strategy with your top management, and work side by side with your operational personnel. Many of our consultants’ articles and advice have been published in national trade magazines. From top to bottom, we have experienced personnel to help you increase your net profit results.

Offering the Complete Business Solution

Due to our years of experience, and the industry knowledge of our Executive Team, we know the wholesale distribution industry better than anyone. We will strive to help you grow and manage your business in a competitive environment. If you are looking for a complete business solution for your distribution business, look no further than Tech Systems, Inc. We are in the business of creating only win-win scenarios for all of our current and future customers.